Scheduled Maintenance

Stopping your cyber security becoming outdated

The world of cyber security never stops. Protection that was up to date today is out of date tomorrow. The problem is that your own network and security teams are busy on ongoing projects. As these can take up all their time, other area of security can fall by the wayside, which in turn can leave your company open to threats.  Our cyber experts are here to help.

Our cyber security experts are here to help your busy IT department by carrying out everything from a security assessment to ongoing software checks. All this and more is offered by our Scheduled Maintenance Service. By providing world-class cyber security consultation, strategy and implementation, your in-house team can concentrate on new products without other areas of your security suffering.

As your dedicated cyber experts, we’ll get to know your systems and give regular support, troubleshooting and health checks, as well as advice on configuration best practise, patching and upgrades. Which all adds up to total peace of mind. 

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