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The way we work has been transformed seemingly overnight with remote working now being the norm. But with this comes new challenges in keeping your business safe and secure. For example, your existing infrastructure may not have the flexibility to allow employees to securely connect from anywhere using any device. Which in turn puts your data at risk.

You may also be facing the problem of modernising access to a legacy application. In addition, you might need to add multi-factor authentication or integration with Azure AD. Plus, each of your applications could require their own unique and complex password. With all this and more to consider, working remotely brings its own unique set of headaches. At FullProxy, we can give you quick, effective and long-lasting relief from all of them.

Our award-winning cyber security team will identify where problems lie in your system. They’ll then employ the best solution for secure out of office access through a mix of encrypted remote access, multiple factor authentication and AI based behavioural analytics . Working with you in this way, they’ll create a bespoke identity & access system that’s tailored to your information security requirements and strategic aims. One which has the security controls and risk mitigation your company needs today, with the flexibility to expand and evolve to the needs of tomorrow.

We give you hardworking security for remote workers

Provide secure remote access from anywhere on any device

Ensure only validated users can access your system

Create Zero Trust - authentication and verification required for all employees, even if already inside your network

Single Sign-On (SSO) which increases productivity while keeping data secure

Integration with any Authentication Provider for an additional layer of security

Privileged Access Management which protects important users who are more often targeted such as those with administrative, sensitive financial or database access

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How we make remote access secure

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