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How to work from home and secure the ‘Enterprise’ Image

How to work from home and secure the ‘Enterprise’

  The coronavirus pandemic has enforced a worldwide lockdown and as a result the edge of the “Enterprise” has been…

LDAP Signing Image

LDAP Signing

In Microsoft’s March update for Windows, administrative options have been added in the Registry to improve security for LDAP. Currently…

Multi-Factor Authentication Image

Multi-Factor Authentication

Microsoft revealed that 1.2 million Microsoft accounts were compromised in January 2020 from Malicious Attackers. They also said that over…

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Decades of combined experience Image

Decades of combined experience

We’ve watched the security industry evolve while marching at the forefront of technology and innovation. We are a Scottish cyber security company based in Glasgow that lives and breathes what we do… It’s in our digital DNA

MOD SC & DV Clearances Image

MOD SC & DV Clearances

The team have clearance to long term frequent and uncontrolled access to top-secret information at the highest level. We provide cyber security services and consultancy to a wide range of clients both big and small.

Flexible Servicing Image

Flexible Servicing

Your cyber security is as effective as the team that leads it, and that’s what sets FullProxy apart. We’re experienced, vigilant and combine the latest technology with expert knowledge to provide you with the best cyber security services.

Cyber Security Services

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